Saturday, July 30, 2005

Things looking up in Cincinnati

Finally, there is something to be a little positive about in Cincinnati. Here are but a few:

  • The win assures the Reds of a winning month of July. No small feat. Our last winning month was May of 2004.
  • We are winning road games in big ballparks, where we might be expected to have problems due to our HR-oriented offense being suited to our home field. Granted, the Dodgers and a poor team and the Padres have played poorly for months and are living on a fast start--still, earlier in the year we didn't even beat bad teams on the road.
  • Jerry Narron has a winning record as manager.
  • Luke Hudson is pitching a little better, though not there yet. His last two starts have not been awful.
  • How about that Brian Shackelford, huh? He is pitching very well for us right now.
  • We're not in last place.
  • Adam Dunn is red freaking hot. The Enquirer notes in another ballpark he might have had more than two dingers. Here are his July numbers

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