Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Machado back

Note, Anderson Machado is back, safely sheltered from the waiver process. Marty asked the other night if this guy was some kind of all-star and we missed it...certainly, with the emergency of Felipe, his presence is less a priority than last year.

A lot of people are wondering why Kearns isn't back up. He is killing the ball in AAA, and I heard on TV last night that Narron told Machado and Olmdeo they might have to play OF in a pinch. I mean, if you're short on OF, why not bring Kearns up. Is he in the doghouse?

Machado is on the track to get 0 playing time, and it will be even worse when Freel comes back. Aurilia is coming around, so basically, we're keeping Machado on the bench to protect him.

Luke Hudson continues to struggle, although his Era did come down below 10 last night. Still, he's not getting it done.

The Giants series is an excellent microcosm of the season. When this team gets any pitching at all it can win games.

Eric Milton's road win was the first for a Reds starter since May 30, well more than a month. Ouch.

Finally, for those who have uttered the phrase "We might as well bring Jared Fernandez up, he can't be any worse," the word apparently from the Reds is that we could. He was released.

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