Saturday, July 16, 2005

Excellent Mid Major Website--Home of the Junkie.

If you're a MAC basketball fan, you a new site to monitor. Its, and the author has some good MAC contacts, covers the MAC, and is great for the junkies.

Here are some tidbits.

On my recent road trip I got to talk to Ball State assistant Jamaal Walker about a few things. We'll start out with his thoughts on the difference between the Junior College and the D-1 lifestyle for coaches: It's not as big a difference as you would think...maybe the trvel is a little better at the D-1 level during recruiting time. I've driven 8 hours, looked at a player, and driven 8 hours back on the same day at some jobs. But you don't complain about that stuff -- it's just part of the job. Obviously the money is a bit better. On Ball State's style of play: We like to spread it out with penetration from the guards. We feel the MAC is a guards league and that our guards are very good at driving and kicking.

The colored text is my emphasis. Its a message to all the people fretting over BG's lack of a 4 and 5. Penetrate, kick, shoot. That's how teams in our league win.

BG's Dan Dakich on what he's looking for with his last scholarship: I'm looking for a big man but I'm not taking a bad one. Dakich's son Andrew (with basketball in hand) after being introduced to me: Nice to meet you Ray!...Shout out to Coach Dakich for his offer to help me any way he can. That's it for the night.

I didn't know we had a scholarship left.

Well, check the site out. He's working it.

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