Tuesday, February 15, 2005

We might as well get used to it

The Lions are going to sign Jeff Garcia. Let's just get used to it. Mooch can't seem to help himself.

Here's a comment I posted on the Detroit Lions Weblog in response to the Valentine Romeo Crennel sent Jeff Garcia yesterday.
My reaction has been that signing Jeff Garcia is exactly the kind of day-late, dollar-short manuver that has been killing the Lions for years. Also, it smacks of a continuing effort to rebuild the dying years of the 49er dynasty in Detroit.

I also was just treated to the NFL pundits on the radio expousing the certainty that Garcia would end up in Detroit.

So, since it appears I may have to get used to the idea, my question is three-fold.

1. Was Garcia's high suck factor only due to a bad relationship with Butch Davis? In fact, he hasn't had a QB rating over 90 since 2001--the last three seasons were 85.6 (2002), 80.1 (2003), 76.7 (2004), a steady decline.

2. Will he push Joey to a higher level?

3. Are we ready for non-stop QB controversey everytime Joey overthrows a receiver?

Time will tell. Its apparent its likely to happen, so let's hope it has the desired effect. The best possible scenario, IMO, is it pushes Joey to the next level.

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Anonymous said...

Hey-Garcia may end up being in Tampa after all. "Chuckie" and Bruce Allen sure know how to deconstruct a winning franchise. At any rate couple quick BGSU questions?
1. What happened to that little receiver who was so awesome in the Motor City Bowl two years ago?

2. Does the shadow of Urban Meyer still loom large over BGSU football?

3. Why hasn't Josh Harris caught on in the NFL? He looked pretty talented to me.