Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Falcons back to MAC East

BG is on its way back to the MAC East. I'm not crazy about this. First, we had our best games for football set up at home this year, and now its all off. We could end up at Miami, for example, and there goes a shot at the MACC, based on how we play on the road. Second, I don't really think Kent draws any better than WMU.

But the biggest problem is the Toledo problem. When we were in the East before, we played Toledo every year as part of the deal. But in those days, games outside your division did not count. Now they do. UT has a consistently strong program, yet we will have to play them every year while others only play them in a rotation. That puts us at a significant disadvantage, year in and year out. We also can't afford to give up what amounts to a guaranteed sell-out every two years.

Same problem for basketball, except we currently play them twice, and they aren't as good. Still, its an issue, and we may have to go home and home in basketball, again giving up a key home date.

All things being equal, I'd rather we stay in the West.

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