Friday, February 11, 2005

Rockets Beat Falcons

The Rockets and the Falcons played an ugly, 1950's style slugfest at Savage on Wednesday, one that left the Rockets with a home victory to avenge their defeat at Anderson, 58-50.

The game was dreadfully played. BG shot 50% in the first half, but only 29.6% in the second half, for a final total of 38.3%, a season-low. The Rockets played sticky D, but we also shot poorly, and turned it over 21 times...a sure recipie for defeat, especially on the road.

The first half was much like the first half at BG--in fact, until a last second run, we were even down by 17 again. And in the second half we bolted back (mainly by UT shooting 28.6%). After struggling for most of the half, we got the score to 5 at 3:45. We then missed three opportunities to get the lead to one score, and that was it. In fact, we didn't score until there was :46 left. Luckily for us, the Rockets were nearly as inept over the same period, scoring only 4 points.

Look at it this way. We scored 50 in the game at Savage, and 53 in the second half against the Rockets in AA.

Steven Wright had 23, and was clearly our leader, taking advantage of openings caused by strong defending of Almanson and Reimold. Vandermeer had one block and 7 boards in 19 minutes.

Onto Kent. The MAC is absolutely log-jammed, and many teams could still win the West or get the bye. Kent will be tough, but if we can shoot well, we always stand a chance, and the win would be huge.

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