Sunday, October 27, 2019

Past and Future Opponent Land

Morgan State (1-7) Lost to Florida A&M
Kansas State (5-2) Shocked Oklahoma
La Tech (7-1) Beat UTEP
Kent (3-5) Lost to Miami
Notre Dame (5-2)--Destroyed by Michigan
Toledo (5-3) Kept alive by missed FG by EMU at the end, win in OT
CMU (5-4) Lost to Buffalo
WMU (5-4) Beat BG
Akron (0-8) Lost to Buffalo
Miami (4-4) Beat Kent
Ohio (4-4) Big win over Ball State
Buffalo (4-4) Beat Akron

East vs. West:  5-5
MAC vs P5:  (1-21)
MAC vs. G5:  (6-9)
MAC vs. FCS: (11-0)

Here's the MAC standings.....lots of teams who can still control their own fate with the right win in November.

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