Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Nunn-Liddell Transfers

That's the second in two days.  Jai is a DB who signed at Troy, did not play and then went to JUCO and then came to BG.  He signed in June, 2018, which would be a Jinks recruit.

He played in 9 games last year and had 1 tackle.  He has not played this season, which ought to tell you something.

All the best to Jai on his journey.  From a BG standpoint, here is why these transfers matter.  As Coach Loeffler has discussed, we have unfilled scholarships.  You can only add 25 a year.  So, I think we lose 15 or 16 this year, which means we can cut into the deficit by 9 or so.  Every guy who transfers means you are cutting into the deficit one less.

Ultimately, we will only succeed with guys who want to be here and buy into what we are trying to do, and stuff like this is part of the process.  My point is that we have to understand the mountain our program is trying to climb.

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