Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Report: Jarrett Doege in Transfer Portal

Well, that's unexpected and going to make things a little more difficult.  I mean, it wouldn't have always been unexpected.  I kind of expected it at the beginning, when Jinks left, but then there was a story about how closely he and the new coach were bonding and then spring practice happened, so I started to think that he'd be back.

Here's what he said in the story linked above:

“It’s a complex offense with a lot to learn,” Doege said. “I’m getting it down, but I can’t wait to learn more.”

"Basically, I’m trying to portray him, but he’s just a crazy dude,” said Doege of Loeffler. “I’m kinda laid back, but being around him more I’m starting to turn into Coach Loeffler.”

But, if this is true, then not.

Obviously, he came here as an Air Raid guy from the town where Jinks coached.  His brother was an assistant who was let go.  Was he comfortable in the pro-style offense?  Seemed like it, but then it wasn't.  He's got every right to leave and he's doing what most college players seem to do under these circumstances.  We wish him nothing but the best.

The QBs on the roster include:

Grant Loy
Bryce Veasley
Grant Strock

There were no QBs in the signing class.

There is the possibility of a graduate transfer with the position opening up.  If not, I'd expect Loy to be the starter when the season kicks off.  I think he's better than people would expect, and with a power offense he might fit in ok.

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