Wednesday, May 15, 2019

BG Gets Kicker Commit

So BG has a new commit for football....another Lucas County prospect.  It is Kyle Rhonehouse, a Springfield HS product who is a kicker.  And a very good one.

He was all-state at some level three times and first-team all-state as a senior.  He had been heading to Miami, but wasn't listed on their recruiting class, at which point you assume walk-on...which isn't unusual for a kicker.  Anyway, you can see above that he's heading to BG now.

All these eligibility rules confuse the crap out of me, but I'm assuming if he didn't sign a NLI or enroll, he is eligible, but that's a guess.

Here's the best recap on him from The Blade.  He's a highly effective kicker, even from distance, having hit from over 50.  Also, he fits the old Clawson rule of being a football player who happens to be a kicker.  Springfield used him on offense and defense.

He's also a 4.0 student.

Good kicking is important.  Seems like these pro-style offenses end up with a lot of FGs (see Michigan), so we can use a guy who both can get the job done but also grew up kicking in the cold and the wind.

Welcome to the Falcons, Kyle.

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