Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Signing Day Wrap Up

It's over.  Ish.  For today, how's that?

BG announced 17 signees today.  Many of them had been on here over the past few months.  Still, there were some new names on the list, which is good given the short period of time that our coaches have been here.

You can read all about these guys here, see their videos, etc.

A few notes. 

  • Nine of the 17 players are from Ohio and then six from Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Coach Pelini had noted that he was recruiting in the area during the interim period and of course Coach Loeffler has made a point of recruiting this area better.  
  • One thing...I hope we aren't writing Florida off completely.  Some of our most productive players are from there.
  • 11 of the 17 are on defense, which was clearly needed, if you happened to see us play this year.  That side of the ball needs numbers and I think at least a couple of these guys might be able to play right away.
  • We don't have any idea how these guys will evolve into players--you never do.  The ratings won't be high, but that's not the issue right now.
  • This class, on this day, is a win for the program.  BG lost a couple guys in the interim period, but no more once the staff was here.  Essentially, they saved the class and did a lot given the time constraints.
  • I think the staff will recruit effectively and I look forward to next December.
  • Pelini deserves credit.  Guy is rock solid.

From the Loeffler presser:

BG has 4 scholarships left.  I'm a little surprised at that, I would have guessed more.  Coach is working it and did mention grad transfers.

So, for now, Coach Loeffler heads to where ever it is that BC is playing Boise to finish his job there.  I'm not crazy about it--seems like head coaches don't usually do that...both Clawson and Babers thought their new school was more important--but he does have a highly qualified staff here and I'm confident/hopeful that it won't impact the program's renewal.  There's plenty to do--even in a dead period and he admitted it has been "challenging."

So, that's the news.  For today.

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