Sunday, December 02, 2018

A couple football updates

There's a couple updates on the football program.

First, courtesy Thomas Schmeltz, BG's QB Coach has been selected and has quit his previous job.

His name is Max Warner.  He has been a high school head coach for three years and was a quality control assistant for Virginia Tech for one season, where he undoubtedly ran across Coach Loeffler.  He was at Bloomingdale HS in the Tampa area, where he was 24-10 as a head coach and gave that high school its first ever three straight winning seasons.  He is their all-time winningest coach--by NUMBER OF WINS--after only 3 seasons.

Boston College is playing Boise in a bowl in Dallas and Addazio has been quoted as saying that he expects Loeffler to call plays in that game.

Not going to lie, both of these are giving me some disturbing feelings of deja vu of the kind of things that went on during the last transition.  The staff needs to be judged in total, but if we don't end up with experienced college assistants I think we'll all be pretty disappointed.  And Jinks said that coaching Texas Tech in the bowl game was a mistake he made before his first BG season, saying that it cost him valuable evaluation time.  It is during a dead period, recruiting wise---the game is the day after Christmas.


NOEL said...

Oh boy. Not one, but two alarm bells here. I commented earlier that it’s great for CMU to get McElwain but for BGSU I prefer avoiding the retread route. However, I’ll go out on a limb and say Mac hires a staff at CMU all directly from the FBS ranks. And Moose really needs to strongly encourage Loeffler to sever all ties with BC. The Eagles will be fine....

NOEL said...

I rescind all prior concerns and apologize to Coach Loeffler for jumping to conclusions! Thrilled with his staff.