Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Signing Day Update

So, signing day is tomorrow.  Here's the latest from The Blade.  Nothing too new here from what you would have found here over the weeks, except for the verbal from Andrew Bench of Genoa. 

A couple of additional notes.  First, the class is thin.  Loeffler has brought in one top-flight player and kept the top recruit we had from before.  Beyond that, recruiting was lagging while Jinks was here and it's just not going to be a huge class or highly ranked.  In fact, I think the fact that recruiting had died out was the reason Jinks had to go.

Recruiting isn't over...there are players who have not signed who can sign in February.  I would expect to see BG on that circuit as well.  Also, don't forget in this era of college sports, there is an opportunity to get some grad transfers to use scholarships for a year while the coaching staff fires up a true recruiting effort for next December.  The contacts of our coaching staff might be able to make something out of that.  There's also the possibility of transfers or JUCO players, though you'd like to get a JUCO player here for the Spring.

One last thing...one thing we have not heard is players transferring.  They just have to enter the NCAA portal now, but I'd still expect them to use social media for some kind of announcement.  We also lost guys last year after spring practice, but any idea that there was going to be an immediate flood of outgoing players does not appear to have happened.

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