Monday, September 10, 2018

Jinks Presser

So, Coach had his weekly presser.

The biggest takeaway is that BG was physically beat up by Maryland and that the ramifications of that will extend at least into the EKU game.  There sound like there are a number of injuries, but Coach only dealt with them when specifically asked.  With that in mind:

Scott Miller is DTD and is not expected to practice "anytime soon"
Dorian Hendrix was injured and it appears to be serious
Hargrove is seeing a Dr and his concussion status was unknown.

Also, after the presser The Blade tweeted that FR WR Julian Ortega-Jones will miss the season with a knee injury and that Hassan Belton "didn't look good."

Again, there were other references to injuries, but those were the specifics I've seen.  It will be a test of our depth this Saturday and possibly beyond that.

Overall, Coach is earnestly promising that the team is on the right track.  He says the offense is playing clean and the defense was in the right place most of the time Saturday and just needs to execute better.  We all earnestly hope he's right.

Three other things.

Jamari Bozeman is not injured/did not have a setback.  They felt Garth was able to get himself in the right place better for that game so he got the start.

With Motes and Hendrix down, Brian Sanders is going to train to be a TE.  Coach says defensive ends are just tight ends who can't catch, so should be no problem.  We don't really need him to catch the ball anyway. (That part Coach didn't say).

He expects more out of the o-line.  This is something I had wondered about.  Certainly, they were overmatched in the first two games, but I had wondered if they still might have been making mental errors.  At least a couple times rushers were turned completely loose on the edge.  Coach promises--promises--we will be able to run the ball this year.

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