Monday, September 17, 2018

Final Thoughts

One or two last things.'

First, I wonder how about the heat yesterday impacted the game.  We sit on the west side, in the same shade as the EKU players.  When we went down for halftime, it was 20 degrees hotter in the sun--where our bench was.  Also, as always, the east side looks directly into the sun.  Has to have been an issue, don't know how much.

Nice crowd, announced at more than for the Indiana  Maryland game.  Beautiful day...too bad it wasn't that way the week before.  As always, there's a slow attrition as the game goes on, starting after the band show and continuing through the game, even for a close game.  You just don't have a lot of fans truly engaged in the result.  I don't know how to change that.

I will say this.  The crowd was hungry for a win and reacted with excitement, regardless of who we were playing.

One issue is that the game proceeds at a glacial pace inside the stadium.  That's nobody's fault, but the TV and the replays just grind the game along.  It isn't as bad on TV, but it makes for a long day at the stadium and I'm sure has something to do with the attrition.

Last thing.  Special teams were a big question mark coming into the year--kicking in particular.  BG's punting hasn't been great but has been generally acceptable, and the placekicking has been as good as it needs to be.  Needham made his only FG attempt and all his XPs and I don't think we've been forcing fourth downs like we did in Jinks I.

We gave up a big KOR and had one OB against EKU, but the kickoff and punt coverage has been good and there was a turnover netted.  Teams average starting from kickoffs on the 22.  That part of the team has been better than expected.


Schadenfreude said...

Indiana? :-)

NOEL said...

It's great to be back checking the site each game week pre and post! Thanks for the thoughts and the forum!

On special teams- I think Tinnerman is showing good improvement and the KO coverage has been pretty good. One thing I'd like to see improved is our KO return game- especially with the fair catch rule change we need to better handle the kicks that look like they are going out of bounds as well as the "short" (inside the 20 yard line) kicks. It's tough because the return guy wants his chance to shine, but we need to be thinking of the team and giving the best field position possible.

Orange said...

I agree. You could make an argument for fair catching every one of them, starting at the 25, reducing the chances of a penalty, etc.

Anonymous said...

You play against who ever is in front of you and I like most thought we should have done better against this fcs team. After the game one of the players parent informed me that they are better than expected. eku has a reputation of bringing on players that for whatever reason aren't no longer on their recruiting team. Remember this is the team Noah Spence from Ohio State went to when let go. I reviewed their online roster and counted about 19 transfers with about 15 from P5 or at least larger schools. I didn't look to see how many played if any but to say at the very least the roster has the appearance of being stacked. This doesn't give an excuse but maybe why this fcs team played better than expected and we seemed to struggle.