Thursday, October 19, 2017

Another football de-commit

So there's that.  Raveion Hargrove has de-committed.

He is a highly-recruited, 3-star RB from the Dayton area.  He has a lot going for him.  Here's what I wrote when he committed.

This just makes things more difficult for our current coaching staff, who are now 1-6 but fans were hanging onto the idea that it appeared that they could recruit.  You had to wonder if the losing was going to spill over into this area.  Don't know if it has, but it can't be helping.  It is the 2nd de-commit since the season started and they were both 3-star players.

Some teams in the MAC have recruited well while losing.  You do offer playing time, not redshirts.  Also, some teams have gotten stuck in a rut and been unable to get out.  Let's hope it isn't the second, because recruiting has been the only thing we appeared to be doing right.

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Anonymous said...

Have to also worry about those currently here transferring.