Sunday, October 08, 2017

Past and Future Opponent Land

Michigan State (4-1) Won at Michigan
South Dakota (5-0) Defeated Youngstown State.  Started week #6 in FCS.
Northwestern (2-3) Lost to Penn State
Middle Tennessee (3-3) Defeated Florida International.  Still operating without Stockstill and James.
Akron (3-3)  Beat Ball State 31-3.
OU (4-2) Lost 26-23 in Athens to CMU.  A surprise.
NIU (3-2) Beat Kent 24-3.
Kent  (1-5) Lost to NIU
UB (3-3) Lost in 7 OTs to WMU in a game where a player's sister was penalized for running onto the field to congratulate him for scoring. #maction.
UT  (4-1) Beat EMU.
EMU (2-3) Put a scare into Toledo but lost.


FBS:  11-25
P5:  4-17
FCS:  10-1

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