Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tyrik Jones leaves BGSU Football Program

So, another setback for the BG defense, which has suffered significant losses since last season.  When the year ended, graduation losses were normal in scope...Bush, Lunsford, Greene, Mack, Watson. Since then, Valdez has transferred and now Tyrick Jones, who was slated on the spring depth chart to start at DE, has moved onto JUCO.

Tyrik was a preferred walk-on from Florida brought during the chaotic Babers/Jinks transition.  He had made a contribution, with 4.5 sacks as a true freshman and 2 against UT.

BG finished 7th in the MAC in scoring defense last year (conference games only).  Part of that was incurred while the coaches were still trying to make the offense and the defense into something they weren't, but some of the results were also generated late in the year playing against Kent and Akron, both of whom were using non QBs under C.

The secondary for BG remains very young (spring depth chart showed 3 true sophomores on the 1 line) and pressure up front on QBs is going to be vital.

Anyway, this will only make things more difficult, as they had high hopes for Jones on the edge.


NOEL said...

Any word on where Valdez will end up playing this fall?

Orange said...

I have seen nothing and there's nothing on his twitter page.

Anonymous said...