Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pinegar DeCommits

Well, that was fast.  For the second time this month, a BG commit had been a BG commit for about a week or so and then de-committed.  Tommy Rush went to row the boat and this young man is just seeking his options.

(Thanks to the alert commenter who pointed this out to me).

Anyway,  no hard feelings.  Best of luck to all.


Anonymous said...

In general, I'm leary of early commits.

Unknown said...

I totally agree in so much I had to look up him and rush as to who they are. I don't pay attention to anyone until is within a year of signing not a year left in high school. It will be interesting however when I believe December hits to see how many LOIs we get for early signing under the new rule, albeit we've now lost 2 that could have signed then. But still these 2 verballed early. Wouldn't be surprised if we lose a couple more.