Sunday, December 04, 2016

MAC Bowl Schedule Revealed

2016 MAC Bowl Schedule:

  • Toledo vs. Appalachian State (Sun Belt), Raycom Media Camellia Bowl, Dec. 17, 5:30 pm ET (ESPN)
  • Central Michigan vs. Tulsa (American Athletic), Miami Beach Bowl, Dec. 19, 2:30 pm ET (ESPN)
  • Eastern Michigan vs. Old Dominion (C-USA), Popeyes Bahamas Bowl, Dec. 23, 1:00 pm ET (ESPN)
  • Ohio vs. Troy (Sun Belt), Dollar General Bowl, Dec. 23, 8:00 pm ET (ESPN)
  • Miami vs. TBA (I keep hearing Mississippi State), St. Petersburg Bowl, Dec. 26, 11:00 am ET (ESPN)
  • Western Michigan vs. Wisconsin (Big Ten), Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic, Jan. 2, 1:00 pm ET (ESPN)

And there it is.  The MAC Bowl line up.  Some thoughts.  First, I don't know why the MAC is putting it as TBD, but I have seen that Miami is playing Mississippi State.  If that turns out to be wrong, then fine.

This used to be a day of great anxiety, as the MAC fans sat around on Outrage Alert as we waited for a snub.  Now that 6 wins all but guarantees you a bowl trip, that isn't an issue as much.

Our first goal in a bowl season is to play P5 teams.  The MAC just gets a lot more out of a win over a P5 team than a non-P5 2 MAC teams got that assignment, first, obviously WMU in the Cotton Bowl against what will be very interesting match up...and then Miami and Mississippi State.

The second goal is not to play the Sun Belt conference.  We get nothing as a conference out of beating the Sun Belt.  On that front, there's the CMU game against Tulsa and EMU against Old Dominion.  Then, you have two Sun Belt games...OU and Troy and then UT against App. State that is actually a pretty good match up.  App. State is at least the Sun Belt Champion.

Everybody got a good location...nobody is in Idaho or DC.  I guess Montgomery isn't great, but Miami, Bahamas, Mobile, St. Pete and Dallas are all pretty good.

In the BGSU Alumni division, Dave Clawson has led Wake to its first Bowl Game in 5 seasons.  They are playing in the Military Bowl, where BG played in 2012.  Wake was 6-6.  Syracuse did not make a bowl game.  OSU will play Clemson in the national semi-final.  The Colorado School of Mines made the NCAA Tournament, won a game and then lost to Ferris State, finishing 10-3.  They were 3rd in the nation in scoring offense and #1 in total offense.


NWLB said...

Toledo vs. Appalachian State (Loss, all I've seen of them points to better defense and ball control offense, UT gets snuffed out. But then I hate UT and wouldn't root for them if a national championship were at stake.)

Central Michigan vs. Tulsa (Loss, CMU isn't bad, but Tulsa is better. But they'll be in Miami so they won't care.)

Eastern Michigan vs. Old Dominion (Loss, ODU is a team I still have trouble remembering plays football at this level. I think as nice as the EMU story is, looking at whom ODU has played, they edge EMU. But they'll be in Nassau with warm weather, piles of fried chicken six feet high, and did I mention Nassau? I so want BG in this game someday.)

Ohio vs. Troy (Win. I actually think OU's defense makes the difference.)
Miami vs. TBA (If it is MSU, loss. Miami isn't as good as their unexpected record. Plus the hot weather simply ruins the cheese and makes it hard to keep the wine at a proper temperature.)

Western Michigan vs. Wisconsin (Endlessly fascinating game. I think WMU could win this. But then I'm likely wrong. They'll do well for a half, then slowly get run over. A good paycheck, an undefeated season over, a coach as good as gone. Somewhat bitter an end as I would see it in BGSU's place were we there.)

It is an era where everybody goes to a bowl game, up to and including some teams with losing records on occasion. Big-time bowls are nice but also a reminder that non-P5 teams strive for a lesser achievement, getting to a paycheck. The match-ups the MAC drew this year are more even than they usually are. I'm not one to hope for challenging match-ups. I want a game my team can have no less than an even chance to win. I think the MAC has a 50/50 chance at a .500 bowl record and that is fair.

Schadenfreude said...

I love the Western Michigan-Wisconsin matchup. It gives every MAC coach a dream to sell recruits this winter.