Saturday, December 17, 2016

Doege and Wilcox enroll early...and JUCO comment

So buried inside the story about the JUCO players enrolling at BG was news that two Falcons are going to be enrolling early.

Those players are Matthew Wilcox, a WR from Wayne High School Dayton in Dayton and Jarret Doege, a Lubbock TX QB who is also the brother of BG's WR coach Seth Doege.

Here's what I wrote about Wilcox when he committed.  Since then, he made all-district and all-state teams, though as a defensive player.  He played both ways in HS and ran and caught the ball on offense.  The extra spring will help him adjust to the WR position and be ready to contribute.  He's 5'10" and 185 lbs so I would think figures in the slot.  He's a three-star recruit who played at the same HS as BG's FR PG Rodrick Caldwell.

Here's what we said when Jarret Doege committed.   He's also a 3-star recruit, and is 6'2" and 190 pounds.  You might say he had a productive year as a SR.

This past season Jarret Doege threw for 3,629 yards and 33 touchdowns in leading the Pirates to the Region-5A semifinals. He completed 293-of-481 passes (60.9 percent) and threw 15 interceptions.
He adds significant depth to the QB position, where BG was in tough straits last year.  In addition to Morgan, BG will have R-FR Elijah Cunningham and Doege, who is getting in early.

There are no other QBs in the class as it stands right now.

I saw a couple comments out in the wild about JUCO transfers.  As a rule, I'm not crazy about them either...but I don't see any reason to worry here.  First, even Clawson, the prototypical methodical builder, used JUCOs to fill things out.  That would include Kamar Jorden and Paul Swan Senn and possibly others.  Anyway, I remember when we played Temple a ways back and they had about 30 JUCO transfers. I don't want that and that isn't happening.  A couple guys makes perfect sense to me, provided that the bulk of your scholarships are committed to long-term player development.

As for the issues that Guyton had at Oregon State, I will just point out that you don't see very many times when a dismissed player is lauded like he was in leaving the Beavers.  I was early in raising concerns about Robbie Rhodes, but I'm a lot more optimistic about this guy.

And, you know, when I have had concerns about Jinks, I have said so.  I'm not worried about this part of it at all.  And, to be fair, Jinks could be forgiven if he got the idea BG fans didn't want to wait four years to compete again...and take minor steps to compete as soon as possible.

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