Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Football for the new year....

So, a very big month coming up for Falcon football.  Signing day is February 1 and the weekends in January are big official visit weekends.  These are huge for the program.  With our shortage in numbers and our shortage in talent at certain positions, this class has got to be a win.  A miss this year and the cycle just gets placed back even farther. It is always important, but this year is more important than ever.

Think 2010 class....Adjei-Barimah, Beck, Fllewellyn, Foster, Gates, Lynch, Martin (Gabe), Montgomery, Thomas, Ward.

Or 2011...Tate, Huettel, Sutton, Johnson, Samuel, Greene, Baird, Turner, Colvin.

That's what's needed and the coaches know it.  They have chosen--correctly--to build through HS recruiting, just as Clawson did.  Only 2 JUCOs.  So, it takes times.  And you can't have a class miss, it just takes longer and coaches don't get that kind of time and the cycle can get can take years to dig out.

There are going to be some tight stomachs in the Sebo Center. This is as much pressure as any game.  To me, this has to be the worst part of being a college football coach.

One trend to look out for is Florida.  The MAC--including BG--has recruited there because there is a shortage of mid-major schools there.  Both FAU and FIU now have high-profile--as in former NFL--coaches and they will be working their own state hard, including commits to MAC schools.  So, it might be a good time to have contacts in Texas.

Anyway, it happens largely below the radar, but this is the biggest month yet for the Jinks regime.  We will have an idea on February 1 how it went, but it will take time.  Coach Jinks and his team have shown themselves to be effective in the very early parts of recruiting, but that game is only in the first quarter.

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