Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Two BGSU Football Coaches Cited For Assault

It was bad enough when it was the players, but now two of BG's new football coaches (actually assistant coach Marcus White and graduate assistant Kenneth Williams) were cited for assault in an incident that occurred in a downtown bar.  Details can be found here via the Blade.


White, a co-coordinator, is on administrative leave and Williams is subject to internal discipline.  Assuming the chargers are accurate, and based on the Chris Jans precedent, White can only be let go.  Whether the University is prepared to be consistent on this matter remains to be seen...and the AD who made the Jans decision is gone.  Jans patted a woman on the butt and was caught on video doing it.  White is accused of assaulting a bouncer--who might very well be a BGSU student.  Seems worse to me or at least comparable.

For that matter, I believe BG players have been dismissed for something similar in recent years.

White is 34, so that's not a good look for him, either.  As for Williams, he's a graduate assistant....back when the Texas boys were lecturing me about how football really works, I was told graduate assistants weren't much different than on-the-field coaches, but I assume now he's just a graduate assistant.

Anyway, not a great moment for the football program.

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