Monday, May 16, 2016

BG Names New Athletic Director

So, within a couple weeks of Chris Kingston's departure, Bowling Green has named its new athletic director.  His name is Bob Moosbrugger, and he is a '94 graduate of the University.  His current job is as Deputy Director of Athletics/COO at San Diego State University.

He's been in San Diego since 2000.  He started in their development operation, spent a couple of years with the San Diego Sports Council and then he went back to SD State as the lead for the development program.

This is from his official bio at San Diego State:

Since returning to San Diego State eight years ago, Moosbrugger has been in charge of the department's record fundraising efforts. He has implemented capital improvement projects, including the construction of the Jeff Jacobs JAM Center (basketball practice facility), Willens Tennis Locker Rooms and the SDSU Softball Stadium clubhouse. He has also raised funds for facility improvements to the Fowler Athletics Center as well as for renovations to the locker rooms for men's basketball, women's basketball and baseball.

So, most fans will tell you that this is a return to the Greg Christopher management style.  I do think Christopher gets a little bit of a bum rap---he did hire some good coaches, including Dave Clawson---but he was an ardent fundraiser who did a lot to address some serious facility issues.  There is buzz that Kingston was falling down in that area, along with some rumors that a capital campaign to refurbish the Doyt is lagging badly.

So, you see in that paragraph above...I'm just guessing that capital fundraising prowess helped make Bob an attractive candidate.  And look, we need money.  That's a reality.

Moosbrugger was a student-athlete at BG, earning 2 letters for the baseball team.

Prior to SD State, he worked at Ball State and Fresno State.

He must really want to be an AD...he's leaving the city with perhaps the best weather in the continental US to move to Blowing Green.

So, welcome home, Bob.  Press conference Tuesday at 10 AM with a livestream.

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