Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Dispatch: BGSU Pays Cody Silk $712,500

Here's a wow.  The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that BGSU has agreed to pay former lineman Cody Silk over $700,000 as part of a legal settlement related to alleged brain injury.

This happened with Coach Clawson was the coach and BGSU did not admit any guilt.  You can check the Dispatch story for a broader look at the story.

That's a big wow and a lot of money.  Regardless of the underlying facts, of which I only know what has been reported, it underscores the big cloud that hangs over football at all levels, and that is the concussion crisis.  More that one industry has been brought down by civil liability--tobacco...Owens Corning once declared bankruptcy to get out from under asbestos claims--and the impact on football will make its biggest impact on the most vulnerable first...high schools and small colleges.

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