Monday, January 05, 2015

MAC Bowl Performance

After dropping a bagel in the last bowl season, the MAC was back this year, in a fashion, going 2-3 in its bowl games.  And yes, BG could easily have lost and it would have been 1-4, but at the same time CMU was one play from winning and it could have been 3-2.

The only convincing win came last night with UT beat Arkansas State by 19 points.

The competition was certainly not the toughest.  UT beat a 7-5 Arkansas State team and BG beat a 6-6 South Alabama team, and both of those teams developed those records in the Sun Belt.  CMU lost to WKU, which was 8-4 in C-USA.

The toughest--and highest profile game--was NIU against Marshall.  The MAC's Champs had a chance to make a showing in a big venue, but were smoked 52-23.

Finally, WMU was playing 9-3 Air Force.  I honestly thought WMU would win this one, but they lost by 2 touchdowns.  (Does anyone but me think that the triple option might be the new black?)

The MAC went through a long, multi-year period where it won no bowl games, and now have two wins in two of the last 3 seasons.  I do think it matters.  I know all the faults with the bowl system, but with the number of times we match up with the Sun Belt, you'd like to think we'd have a better overall track record.

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