Sunday, January 11, 2015

Football Opponents now firmed up

Just a quick football interlude....the MAC rotation has been announced for next year's schedule.  Frankly, next year is stacking up to be a really tough schedule for BG.

BG will have have the same cross-over games next year with the West...and we know how that went this year.  Only difference is BG goes to WMU (who I would expect to continue to improve) and Ball State, who I would expect to be better than this year and then gets the Rockets at the Doyt.  That's tough...BG also goes to Buffalo and to Kent.

Meanwhile, OU, UMass and Akron round out the home schedule, which is good, since (I would imagine) Akron and OU would be our biggest opponents for the East.

No Miami again this year.

#BGSU football gets Ohio, UMass, Akron, Toledo at home in 2015. Buffalo, Kent, Ball State, WMU on the road. No Miami again next season.

The non-conference schedule is also tough.  BG plays At Tennessee, At Maryland, HOME v. Memphis, At Purdue.

Besides being undefeated at Purdue, that represents a tough set of games with no FCS opponent.  Babers' supporters are proud of pointing to his year 2 record at EIU, but that's going to require at least 4 big road wins.

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