Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teleconference and Depth Chart Notes

Coach Clawson did the MAC Teleconference yesterday.  John Wagner in the Blade listened, and I note this quote.

“I thought I’d fall in love with the film [from the Idaho game], but it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be,” Clawson said Monday. “With the Morgan State film, I thought it would be sloppy, but for the most part our assignments were [completed] well.”
So, how he felt after the game was not actually how he felt upon watching the film, which was encouraging.  He also noted that a couple of the nine first half penalties were tight calls. The key when you play at team like Morgan State is to play well...you can't evaluate it just on the scoreboard.  If you make a mistake and they don't capitalize because they aren't good enough, well, you made a mistake.

He was mostly worried about poor special teams play---a kickoff out of bounds, and two un-caught kicks.  (Though one, I note, was by a freshman touching the ball for the first time).

My personal comment is that I like that Coach is willing to see something different on film than he saw live.  I

The team also released the game notes with a depth chart.

The most important thing is they are now listing the new alignment as the official alignment....that is, the Bojicic, Wharton, Robinson, Flewellyn and Roussos set up (l-r).  Kyle Bryant, who was the starting LT, did play against Morgan and presumably still will get some snaps.  Bojicic did play some center Saturday.

Scott Lewis is now back on the depth chart, backing up at LG.

There is continual shifting around in the defensive backfield.  This is a position where lots of guys end up playing--especially against the Brandonspread--so it doesn't seem too important.

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