Thursday, September 08, 2011

MAC Blogger Roundtable, Week 2

1) What was the most surprising result of the week and why?

You have to go Ball State over Indiana.  I mean, I know, it is Indiana, but they are a Big 10 team, and they were 4-8 last year with wins over Akron, Buffalo, CMU and SE MO State, you just don't expect to see them go out and win a game on a neutral field against Indiana.  So, yeah. I was surprised.

Second would be Bowling Green's win, and third would be Temple smoking Villanova as badly as they did.

2) What was the most expected result of the week and why? 

Oh, there were bunches of those.  In fact, the results were mostly very predictable...I'll take UT's win over FCS New Hampshire as the most expected result.

3) Are you satisfied with the quality of reception and reliability of the current MAC online TV access of its games? 

I have not watched.

4) Does Week 1 indicate that this is going to be the best year overall in the MAC in the last few or is that too soon? 

It is too soon to tell.  While week 1 was nice, it was far from defining.  Ball State's win is nice, but time will tell how good that Idaho team was that BG beat.  NIU beat Army---but isn't that expected?  Miami played Missouri tough, but they did lose, and Ohio won on the road but against a team that has not won 4 games since 2007.  Other teams won against FCS teams.  So it was a nice start, but let's keep it in perspective.

5) Rank 'em, FIRST to worst:

  1. NIU
  2. UT 
  3. Temple 
  4. Miami 
  5. WMU 
  6. Kent 
  7. Ball State 
  8. OU 
  9. BG 
  10. CMU
  11. Buffalo 
  12. EMU 
  13. Akron

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