Sunday, September 19, 2010

The view from the other side....

One of my favorite things after we beat a team that thinks they are better than us is to check out how they reacted back home.  In this case, I found Herd Columnist Chuck Landon, who seems pretty frustrated a couple of things.

First, the Herd's string of defeats at the Doyt....

This place is in Marshall’s rear view mirror, thank goodness.

Frustrations with the team's performance...

Marshall showed up for only one quarter here Saturday night against Bowling Green.

A one-word description of the loss


An attempt by Doc Holliday to take the blame that the columnist isn't buying...

“We got out-coached and out-played in every facet of the game.”

Blaming the loss on not getting up for the game after WVU

Despite the rhetoric, the Herd definitely experienced a hangover from the WVU game during the first half here Saturday.

(By the way, click the links for more comments from the peanut gallery down there, including a question about going into the Ohio Valley Conference).

The message here is exactly what you would expect from Herd fans, whose unjustified and inflated sense of self-worth borders on the delusional.  Randy and Chad and Byron are ancient history, everywhere except in Huntington.

They cannot accept having been beaten by a better team from a conference they abandoned, only to have losing records each year.  It had to have been something...a WVU hangover, bad coaching, a team that isn't giving effort.  Something.

They barely beat us last year on their own field....and that was their only team with a winning record since they left the MAC.  They are 0-3 this year...a bowl game starts to look really unlikely.

Maybe I missed something.  Maybe it is more important to think you are good than to win on the field.


Maybe Marshall needs to put the glory days in the rear view mirror instead of the Doyt.

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