Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bull Run Blog Swap

1. You not only have a lot of new skill players, but also a new Coach and a new system. How do you think the team is adjusting to the Quinn offense, how do you think the talent matches up, and is it improving?

I've been amazed at how well the receivers have played this year, Coach Juan Taylor really brought them along during the off season. With Ed Young's breakout game last week, and even an impressive showing by Fred Lee, UB is sporting three real threats and a couple of reliable guys in the rotation.

I had thought we would rely on the running game because UB had three very experienced backs but so far the running game has been awful! Redshirt freshman Brandon Oliver has charmed the coaching staff dunning the off season but has managed nothing on the field. This, and the struggles of Jerry Davis falls mostly on the offensive line.

And that's where the pain has been. Quinn is taking guys recruited trained, and sculpted to run Gills pro set offense and trying to cram them into a pro set, fast paced unit. They have worked their hearts out but it's been a difficult transition.

2. Tell us about your new QB? You had a high-profile off-season defection. How is he adjusting?

I was really high on Davis coming into the year, and he charmed the hell out of me against Rhode Island. But most UB fans woke up the next week with some money on the night stand and a phone number with 5 digits. As I eluded to above, much of his struggle is on the line, and pass protection in general (backs and tight ends) but even when he has time he seems jittery.

Davis throws a very pretty deep ball, inside of ten yards though he is off target.

I'm trying to be honest about whether or not Maynard would be doing any better ( no sour grapes ) and I can honestly say I don't see him doing much better this season. Maybe his mobility would be a bit more of a factor but his decision making is not solid enough for a fast paced offense.

3. BG and Buffalo have played two wild games in a row, in both cases the road team stole the win in the 4th quarter. Is this turning into a rivalry?

I would hope so. You can actually say that three of our last four games have been pretty wild (OT in 2006). UB is dying for a rival in this conference. We have been around long enough to ditch the title FNG but we are still lacking a true rival.

Temple might be close but to be honest their FB only status makes them more of a mild rival than anything else. Everyone else seems pretty paired up, so if Bowling Green is in the market for an arch enemy I'll volunteer UB.

4. BG fans might be curious, in particular, about the pass defense. Buffalo leads the MAC in pass efficiency defense. Is that a quirk, or do you think the Bulls have the best pass defense.

Not the best pass defense but certainly a pretty good one. UB is playing much more aggressive on the corner this season and the result is that its much harder for QB's to chew up our defense than it used to be. We have been pretty vulnerable to the long ball, too vulnerable to be 'the best pass defense in the MAC'.

The defensive line is starting to produce, so perhaps as the season wears on we can stop the long plays before they develop.

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