Thursday, September 23, 2010

MAC Blogger Roundtable, Week 4

1) What would you say is the biggest story line in the MAC so far this season? Surprises, injuries, etc?

Much as it pains me to say, the biggest storyline in the MAC so far is the resurgent Rocket program. They had an incredibly tough way to start the MAC schedule, but went on the road to beat OU and WMU. They are in the driver's seat at this date for a shot at making Ford Field.

2) Which other team in college football most closely mirrors your respective MAC school (whether it be personnel / talent, coaching, reputation, injuries, etc.) ?

Good question.  For this week, I am going to say (with a hearty sense of irony), the Michigan Wolverines, since we both have strong offenses and very young and inconsistent defenses.

3) If you had to select one player from any other MAC team to add to your roster -- which player would you choose and why ?

I would say that the player we could use most is Brian Lainhart.  He'd shore up our young defensive backfield and is a proven playmaker.  He's not the best player in the MAC, but he'd help BG the most.

4) What have the first three games of this season showed you about your team ?

The first games have shown me that while BG is rebuilding, the program is putting together a championship run in the future.  We are resilient and are executing a strong game plan.  If the team continues to improve through this season, they could be very tough in the home stretch.

5) Rank the MAC Teams: 1 to 13.

1.   Temple
2.   Toledo
3.   CMU
4.   NIU
5.   BG
6.   OU
7.   Kent
8.   WMU
9.   Buffalo
10.  Miami
11  Akron
12.  Ball State
13.  EMU

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