Friday, January 09, 2009

Elton Alexander of the PD surveys the MAC

This is an excellent story that lays out the landscape of the MAC as we prepare to start the conference season. It is from Elton Alexander of the Plain Dealer, one of the more reliable and unbiased MAC reporters.

As a sample, here is what he says about Bowling Green and Buffalo, our combatants for tomorrow.

(+) Five starters returning, a seasoned veteran coach, and a veteran bench player at every position is a lot more than most teams have.
(-) Winning on the road is unproven, ditto closing out close games.
(?) Are the Falcons a .500 team or a contender?

(+) Other backcourts may get more hype, but UB's backcourt players combine for the most experienced group in the MAC, hands down. PF Calvin Betts (11.4 ppg, 7.3 rpg) is the best MAC player you don't know of.
(-) Bulls lack some punch inside.
(?) Will UB's offense match its defense?

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