Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gulp.....Taking my Medicine

OK, so back on November 5, I endeavored to pick every Falcon hoops game, before the season, without a net, like Daedulus flying near the sun.

Yup. Like that.

Anyway, time to smell the glove. Let's see how I did.

Big picture, I had us 14-14 (remember, no bracket buster or tournament....the actual record was 12-16. So, I was two games off. I didn't expect us to go 2-1 in Cincy to start the year, but then again, I thought we'd beat Buffalo, etc. Game by Game, I did not do so well, picking 16 games right and 12 games wrong--pretty remarkable in a world where home court is so important. So, anyway, there you go. More post-mortem later.

1/09/07 vs. Western Carolina RIGHT L
11/10/07 vs. Belmont WRONG L
11/11/07 at Cincinnati WRONG L
11/17/07 vs. Morehead State RIGHT W
11/24/07 vs. Temple WRONG W
11/27/07 at Furman RIGHT W
12/01/07 at Oakland RIGHT L
12/06/07 at Northern Colorado WRONG W
12/16/07 vs. Illinois State RIGHT L
12/22/07 at Indiana State WRONG W
12/29/07 vs. Eastern Illinois RIGHT W
01/02/08 vs. Duquesne WRONG W
01/05/08 vs. Ohio WRONG L
01/12/08 at Kent State RIGHT L
01/17/08 vs. Buffalo RIGHT W
01/20/08 at Akron RIGHT L
01/23/08 vs. Miami WRONG L
01/27/08 vs. Northern Illinois RIGHT W
01/30/08 at Ball State RIGHT W
02/02/08 at Western Michigan RIGHT L
02/06/08 vs. Central Michigan WRONG W
02/10/08 vs. Toledo TV RIGHT W
02/13/08 at Eastern Michigan RIGHT L
02/16/08 vs. Akron WRONG W
02/19/08 at Ohio RIGHT L
02/23/08 TBD (Bracket Buster Road Game) TBA TBA
03/01/08 vs. Kent State WRONG L
03/04/08 at Buffalo WRONG W
03/09/08 at Miami RIGHT L

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