Sunday, December 30, 2007

Golden Hurricanes--Is it the stupidest nickname in IA Football? Get Real!!

Might be. Ranks right up there with the LA Lakers. Hurricanes in Tulsa? GET REAL!

Of course, there's a story......I would think in Oklahoma, they should have stuck with the Golden Tornadoes.

It is better than:

  • Kendallites
(Tulsa was originally Henry Kendall College. And who was Henry Kendall? He was the first general secretary of the Home Missions Board of the Presbyterian Church. You probably already knew that but I had to look it up.)
  • Presbyterians
  • Orange and Black

Who are some famous Golden Hurricanes??

  • Mary Kay Place...NICE!
  • Steve Largent....right wing kook
  • Sen Jim Inhofe....right wing kook
  • Rue McClanahan....just a kook
  • Nancy Lopez (Married Ray Knight, who is a kook)

And, I swear to God, the most famous Golden Hurricane....

Get Real! Go Falcons.

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