Friday, December 14, 2007

Do it in the name of O-H-I-O

So, you're a Buckeye fan in New Orleans for the BCS Title game. Your choices are to spend some time in the French Quarter drinking copious amounts of alcohol, trading beads for a look at the boobies, and visiting the nation's most legendary strip clubs.

BGSU would like to respectfully submit that you might enjoy a little trip down the road to Mobile, AL on Sunday night, to watch BGSU and Tulsa play.

I mean hey, you're a college football fan, right, or you wouldn't be there. And this is a bowl game, and its right near by....makes perfect sense.

If not for the boobies.

I'm not making this up....BG has formally appealed to Buckeye fans to forego the debauchery of the French Quarter and watch two unranked teams play in Alabama....

Here's why:

It seems Bowling Green is struggling to sell its allotted 7,500 tickets. Three years ago, the school sold only 1,300, meaning it had to pay the GMAC folks nearly $280,000 for unsold tickets ($45 a pop).

This is alarming to me, and demonstrates, again, what a cesspool of cash-infused pay-to-play nastiness the bowl system is. And in case anyone wonders (though it has been said many times), there are benefits to playing in minor bowls, cash ain't one of them.

But the idea of us paying back $280,000K because we could only get 1,300 people to travel to the bottom of the country a few days before Christmas is a joke. But it is what it is.

Don't count on too many of the Scarlet and Grey faithful to make the trip. They are college football snobs of the first order. It pains me we even had to ask.

Update: Just a quick note, some posters have come onto to say they are going to do just this, and to them we say thanks. Pardon my skepticism.

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