Thursday, December 13, 2007

A couple Hoops notes from Ryan at the Blade

Two things.

First, Ryan had a great talk on his blog with John Floyd, who has graduated and is out in the working world. He talks about playing for Coach Dakich, and in what I found to be a realistic way but not a bitter way. He seems to be talking honestly, not settling scores. He talks about the 6AM had to be a tough way to go.

As far as X’s and O’s I think coach is one of the most intelligent people I’ve been around, but there’s not too many guys who can take his motivational tactics day in and day out.

Today in the newspaper, Ryan has a really nice profile of LaMonta Stone, our assistant coach who stayed over when Coach Dakich left. He was a very successful HS coach in Michigan, and those contacts come in handy. In addition, he appears to be a good teacher, too. Here's a nice profile of a man most Falcon fans were thrilled to see stay with the program.

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