Monday, September 10, 2007

Ransom Injured......and Brandon Comments after MSU game

Its clear we may need our depth at RB. Eric Ransom, who showed some great stuff at Minnesota, is down with a knee injury and a possible ACL, according to Jack Carle's Blog.

Coach's comments from the MSU game were unusually accurate and direct, so I am reprinting them here without benefit of my normal wiseass commentary.

Bowling Green Head Coach Gregg Brandon
Opening comments...
There is no consolation in losing, but our kids played their guts out. We thought we had a chance against them, but turnovers got us today. We had trouble in the second half, that was a big physical back, make no mistake about that. They are the prettiest looking guys I have ever seen, in 30-years of coaching. I mean Number 80 [Kellen Davis] should go to the league right now. Out guys played with a ton of heart, and they kept hitting, and sticking, and guys jumping on the ball until the very end. [Ervin Baldwin] was a good player, he would rush the passer, and he would run, and [Devin Thomas] is freakish. We played with a great heart, but that just wasn't enough today, when you are playing against people like this you have matchup problems. What we can take away from this game and last weeks game is that we can slug it out with the Big Ten, but we don't play the Big Ten. So, we need to get ready for MAC play now, and we had some injuries today, unfortunately. We have to see where that is on Monday. Thankfully we have a bye next week.

On what he learned about his team today...
I learned a lot about them. They have great heart, great commitment, they were fighting until the very end just like last week. I think we have some guys that grew up in a hurry.

On the coverage in the second half...
I think in the second half they caught us a little bit, they were fast, we really had to work to get open. We couldn't just run routes and by guys, we had to work in order to get anyone open. We had success in the three-step stuff, but they started sitting on that stuff. Then you have to run by them, and we struggled to run by them. We missed [ wide receiver Corey] Partridge today.

On the MSU passing attack
I think there were two plays, [by Devin Thomas]. He made a freak catch down at one end, and then another one down at that end. You take those two plays out, and it is a whole different deal. That kid ran by us, he out-jumped us, and he made great plays. I don't think that this was anything that they executed offensively, except for those two big plays. They got to run the ball a little bit on us late. But we still had our chance.

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