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Heard Dakich on The Ticket--Updated with interview notes

He was absolutely amazing. Made me like him even more. Not an ounce of self-pity, he is ready to move on. He's sad, but recognizes he's having a great life, and that lots of people work harder than him. ("I don't need a break. Most people work all the time and don't get a break," he said). I wish I could capture the whole thing or link to the interview, and I was in the car, so unable to take notes. He simply does not feel sorry for himself.

All the best.

I have to tell this story. I picked my son up at school last night, and I told him that Coach wasn't coming back. He was pretty down. So I told him that Coach will get another job coaching basketball. And my son said, "But Dad, who do we follow? The Falcons or Coach?"

The answer, of course, was both.


Ask and you shall receive. From an unnamed source, here are the notes from the Dakich interview on The Ticket.

i'm doing well. really well, as a matter of fact.

i felt it was time to go on. i'm not ever going to go into greg christopher and my's conversation. professionally that was our conversation. i love this town, i love this school.

there isn't anything other than losing that i don't like.

i felt it was time to go. that has nothing to do with my desire to be a coach. i haven't had a team now for 24 hours and i hate it. i absolutely hate it. i want to have a team. we'll see where that goes and where that takes me.

i talked to them yesterday afternoon. i thanked them for everything they did. bg basketball players are asked to do a lot. i told them there isn't anything in the world i wouldn't do for them at any time in my life.

whoever comes in to be the coach at bg i guarantee you is going to be shocked at how hard they work, doing things right in terms of going to class. how hard they used to go. i told them if they stay together they'll compete for a championship. it's going to be a job where you've got everybody back except for martin and matt.

you've got a great plaeyr sitting out. not a good one, a great one.

(saying goodbye to players) i didn't like that at all. the kids and yourself, everybody puts their heart and soul to it. (after the game last week) i told them i didn't know what was going to happen here. i don't know where we're going to be, but i love all of you.

so many kids have screwed up academically when coaches have not been there. i said listen, it's imperative that you do that. i got a report on one of them today, and i'm about ready to call them and rip into them. but i'm debating whether to do that.

scott vandermeer sent me an off the charts email at the beginning of the season.

last year maureen wrote a story about all the players leaving, and she didn't really want to hear that most of them realized it was a mistake. that's what happens when kids leave. if there's been anything about the last 24 hours that i've heard from friends, from coaches. i got a call from leigh ross. she was talking about how much we helped her and other coaches at BG. at the end of the day, you move on.

the thing i know about coaching is, you talk about it that day and then it's, who's going to be the next coach? i know that. 60 percent of people don't care about your problems and the other 40 percent are glad you've got them.

i don't really believe you can find a better place to live than Bowling Green. tim beckman tells a story about he goes on a job interview with his wife to ohio state. a bunch of the people at BG went in and cleaned their house without even knowing. that to me is what BG is. it's just a fabulous, fabulous place with off the charts great people.

you ask why we're in this place, well, we're in this place in my opinion because of injuries. but having said that, this is the place we're at and you keep going. life goes on, it's a new chapter.

unless your name is rockefeller, you've got to keep working. at lunch four guys with work boots on came up and shook my hand. i've always said, between the students and people like that are poeple we're always going to appeal to. those people don't take breaks. they've been working since they were 17 years old. coaches doen't take breaks. i don't mind telling you i kind of enjoyed it today, taking my kids to school and picking them up.

i've lived 44 years, and if anybody's had a better go than me .. maybe i need some adversity. maybe i need the last two years . life's been unbelievable to me. you're talking about a guy that can't hit the rim and got to play bb at indiana.

people say, how are you doing? iv'e been great. i've had an unreal life and maybe i just needed this. there are 3 percent of the people in the world that hav'e the great life that i've had. to have a little uncertainy, to have a little disappointment, maybe that's not all bad.

brandon and paluch were at my house last night, they were laughing and talking. they said coaching's hard enough, you don't need any more disappointment and adversity. but maybe i do.

i think the toledo blade, maureen and dave and matt, has been fair with me. they've been great to me. i am so tired of seeing myself screaming in the paper. it's every day. some friends of mine made a collage. if i did that every day, if that's how i really was ... i've got a really pretty wife, and she'd be gone so fast, and . there have been times where i have hugged players.

(rob powers and dan cummins) that's the difference in those two guys as people.

(What are you going to do next?) i'm going to take andrew to al mar lanes. we're going to eat some cheeseburgers.

i've always wanted to be an actor. so i'm trying to talk her into taking acting lessons and going to hermosa beach and living on the beach and seeing if i can get in the movies. her response is, have you seen yourself?

i know i want to coach. you talk to a lot of people when something like this happens, and we'll see where it goes. i've been talking to a lot of people about a lot of different things at a lot of different levels.

i'm really excited about where we're headed.

(work in TV) i'd have to get some spray on hair.

people have been great to me here. dr ribeau, dr whipple, they've been off the charts. it's time to move on.

i'll be on (with norm) until i'm told i can't be on anymore.

Tomorrow: our abomination of a football schedule.

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Whoever transcribed that did outstanding work, and I can only wish I had heard that interview. I don't think anyone ever cared more and still got an "F them, I'm the boss" label than Dan Dakich.

All the best to him. (again)