Thursday, March 08, 2007

Football scheduling

I have written a little about the MAC's scheduling snafu--but maybe not enough. Anyway, the football schedule appears to be a complete meltdown. As noted here, it has resulted in two published schedules showing Kent playing different teams on the same day. Maybe it is like those A or B games in Spring Training.

Anyway, no one really knows what is going on, but it has been highly chaotic. It all apparently started with the realization that you couldn't have 7 teams in one division (with the addition of Temple) and 6 in the other, and still have a balanced eight game schedule. Then, again apparently, the dipwads at Temple scheduled one more OOC game then their schedule could accommodate.

Then, a sitcom-style horse trading occurred ("I'll play Illinois if you play Michigan State..but then Ball State will have to play Wisconsin, freeing up Toledo to play Pitt, but they'd have to cancel their Syracuse game, but we can plug WMU into that one if Kent will play Illinois, NO WAIT. Kent is already playing Illinois. HAHAHAHA")

Apparently, BG will now open @Minnesota, @Michigan State, and then play @Boston College in October. On top of that, we will have one OOC home game--maybe Boise State, maybe not. So much for AD Christopher's six home game promise.

It is like watching a third world nation.

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