Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"We got Cheated"

So says DD after tonight's clusterf**k debacle in Buffalo. A circus ending to a circus season. Absolutely unbelievable....

Here is what happened, so far as can be determined. Obviously, I am relying on Todd Walker's call and DD's post game comments....

Buffalo has the ball with :24 left. There is a differential of between 1 and 2 seconds between the shot clock and the game clock. BG is up 2.

So, Buffalo runs a lousy set, we play some D, and Buffalo shoots an airball as the shot clock expires. Apparently, the game clock also expires and the buzzer sounds. Dakich says he asked the referee if the game is over, and he says it is. The Falcons leave the floor, apparently with the referee who told Dakich the game was over.

Back on the floor, the referees apparently decide to see if the game is really over. In all fairness, this is entirely plausible. In fact, Todd Walker began talking right away about time being put back onto the clock. Since there was a differential and there was a shot clock violation, it is plausible that we would have to inbound. They decide there are .6 seconds left. There was also some confusion about us getting the ball. If BG gets the ball before the shot clock buzzer goes, then it is just a turnover and the clock can run out.

Like I say, a clusterf**k.

So, the refs decide to haul BG out of the locker room and finish the game. Nothing really unreasonable has happened yet. According to Dakich, some of our players were already in the shower, so it took us some time to get suited up and back onto the floor.

On the floor, chaos is reigning. Coach Witherspoon is hitting the buzzer again and again to try and create urgency around the fact the Falcons are delaying the game.

We come back on the floor--but I think we only thought we were going to have to play less than a second. Matt Lefeld didn't even have socks on.

Here is where it gets jacked up. The officials decide to throw a technical foul at us for not coming back on time. The Moroccan dude for Buffalo nails both free throws, and the game is tied.

Oh, the humanity.

Of course, we get blown out in the OT. We had a road game won, and we lost it like that.

In my opinion, the T is a terrible call. I can understand bringing us out, but there's no reason to do anything except let us inbound the ball with .6 seconds and let us go home with the win we earned. Instead, the officials decided the game for themselves. I just think it is a wrong way to end a game.

Now, everything up to here has been from DD's perspective. A similar thing happened a couple of years ago in Blacksburg when VaTech tipped the ball into their own basket right at the buzzer. Direct from the official transcript, here is what DD said he did...

"I was out of here as soon as I saw the one short guy said good. I got out of here as fast as I could, you know, let's go with it. I like Coach Greenberg, I'm going to go see how he's doing afterward, but the heck with that, I'm getting out of here. Make them drag us back out but we weren't coming, we were going to keep it just the way it was. What a ballgame!"

So, it is not beyond the pale that DD was doing some gamesmanship---even with getting players into the shower. Now, I guess I think it is unlikely. Why would he do that? To avoid making an inbound pass?

DD was really angry in the post game show. He had players there as witnesses, and said we got "cheated" and he was prepared for the consequences. Walker said it would be reviewed, and Dakich said that it wouldn't, essentially that no one was going to care what happened there.

What a season. It is the most bizarre end to a Falcon game I can recall. To put it on top of a terrible season on a game when we really needed a win--it was our most likely chance to win still on the MAC schedule....it is a shame, and I feel really badly for our guys and our staff.

That's a long, snowy bus ride home from Buffalo after that.

Here's the Blade story.

Winner of the not surprising quote of the week:

Bitterly disappointed, Bowling Green coach Dan Dakich went into a profanity laced rant after the game.


Anonymous said...

On that postgame, Dan sounded like anything *but* a man who was down to his final month. Even if he knows he's done after this season, he still cares a hell of a lot about what the kids on the floor are getting out of their time.

It's probably down to a .001% chance, but I wonder if a string of performances like last night out of the underclassmen buys him one more year to right the ship.

Orange said...


You make some good points.

Dan is a fighter. He might get discouraged, but he bounces back.

A caveat:

We did post some decent numbers, especially on the offensive end. We were, however, playing a poor MAC team. In fact, the last time we cracked 70, it was against them.

Your phrase, in fact, "a string" is the key one, I believe. With the exception of Miller, our young players (Clements, Moten, Marschall, Sims, Guerin Polk) have all contributed once in a while, but rarely have any of these players put even two good games together back to back.

I think that's what we need to see. Because in between some of the positives from last night's game, we still committed 38 fouls in a game we were winning, and gave up 22 offensive boards. (We did, finally, take care of the ball a little.)

I have said it before and say it again. I hope DD gets at least one more year to prove the team is turning around. I, like you, am skeptical it will happen, but that would be what I would like to see).

We're hitting a rough part of our schedule against teams with a lot to play for. A couple wins really helps the cause. Losing out does not.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I think at this point in the program, there's still a lot of "crawl before you can walk", to me at least. Some negatives, to be sure, but I'm glad to have some positives mixed in, instead of a "Samarco scored 30 on 13-of-50 shooting, we committed 45 fouls, and just as many turnovers, and blew a 9 point second half lead and lost by 15." performance we've gotten used to.

Miller's gonna be huge, the others you mentioned have shown that they can play the same way, they just need to put a couple together.

I'd love to see Dakich get that shot, because if he can turn this around, I think his loyalty to the city and the school, combined with past lessons, might keep him here awhile, which would be a good thing (with wins, of course) in my opinion.

Orange said...

You make a valid point I had not considered. When you get a new coach, you have to be careful what you are getting is really better. If DD could turn it around, I think he would stay here. A new coach will be in the normal "up or out" mode of MAC coaches.