Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Steelers Cut Omar

The Steelers cut Omar off the practice squad, and event I don't think anyone could have seen coming that cold day in December when Omar decided to go pro. It is a shame, and I hope he catches on with someone else, though I believe he will be badly stigmatized by this. (Labelled "left too early.")

Of course, the debate now rages about whether he DID leave to early. My basic opinion has been that it is his life--it is his decision to make, and he will have to live with the consequences. I also felt that in the world of potential, that another average year in college would have hurt him and taken him out of draft potential--and, with his receivers this year, he was not likely to have a great year.

In retrospect, of course, it is hard to imagine him doing worse than this with another year in college.

Again, I hope he catches on. I am sure that was a long ride home from the practice field.

Finally, Bruce Gradkowski remains on an NFL roster, with NFL game experience. Who would have thought it?

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