Thursday, November 18, 2004

Lions @ QB

Lots of debate today about what to do about Joey. The needle is starting to point away from potential and toward bust. Its not over--he is reported to be sharp--but he has to produce this year. The problem with failing at QB in the NFL, is it doesn't leave you many options. If you go to the draft, you may consign yourself to rebuilding for three seasons before you compete. If you go for a veteran, you might get a guy who isn't any better than Kurt Warner.

Although I might suggest Drew Brees might be a good pick-up. He is showing he can play, and I always liked this skill level and his intangibles.

There is no doubt that Joey doesn't have all the offensive pieces in place. Who ever does? He's supposed to make them better, not sit around and wait for them to lift him up.

Picking a QB #3, when you have next to nothing already in place (Batch) is a risky proposition. Let's hope Joey can work out. I have given up hope, but merely began to doubt.

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