Sunday, November 28, 2004

Falcon Road to Disappointment

Falcon fans have beenfrustrated since the Toledo loss, because the one thing our revamped programhas failed to do is when big games on the road. Since Toledo does do thison occasion, they remain the stronger program in the West, and we remainthe ones who are doing the chasing.

Let's look at road games in the Meyer/Brandon era.

Against teams with winnings records, we are 1-9. That's right, 1-9. The win was Purdue 03. Losses were Marshall 01, NIU 02, S. Florida 02, Toledo 02, OSU 03, Miami 03, NIU 04, Oklahoma 04 and Toledo 04.

Against teams with losing records, on the other hand, we are 13-1, so we can obviously play on the road. The only team with a losing record we lost to on the road was WMU 01, while we beat Missouri 01, Akron 01, Ohio 01, Northwestern 01, Kansas 02, CMU 02, Kent 02, WMU 03, EMU 03, Ball 03, Ohio 04, CMU 04, Temple 04.

What is even more frustrating is that the defeats on the road in the MAC have been bad defeats, where our team gets beaten outright and performs well below what we expect. This remains something which must be fixed before we can become the MAC's premier football program.

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