Friday, January 03, 2020

Quick Post as MAC MBB kicks off

So, as we start MAC MBB play, here are the kenpom rankings.  Based on what has happened to date, BG would be picked to be #6 in the MAC at 9-9.  Obviously, the ranking is seeing those losses in New Jersey and some other lesser performances with Turner out.  If Turner is able to contribute for the remainder of the year...and the Hartford game certainly seemed to be a good sign...BG is much more the team that they were when they beat UC...#100, which would put them back in bye territory.

Kenpom was never high on the Falcons...not sure why, but the stats didn't have BG winning the MAC at the start either.  It loved UT, which has fallen back to the pack with their current losing streak.

And, of course, they are just projections...let the games begin.  BG has five of its first 8 games at home and really needs to get off to a strong they did last year.  Kent is always good and appears to be very good this year...and at's a good time to return to form.

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