Wednesday, July 24, 2019

MAC Media Day

MAC Media particular surprise.  BG is picked to finish last in the MAC East by a large margin.

Look, on paper, based on what people have seen, we're not in good shape for this season.  We were in bad enough shape before losing Doege and Junior.  You can look at a depth chart and see how thin we are.  And there's uncertainty at QB...bad enough if MacDonald gets the waiver but even worse if he doesn't. 

Yes, there are new coaches and a new attitude and all that.  I know some fans are getting the Urban Meyer vibe again.  BG could exceed expectations...there's virtually no chance of finishing below them.

That's OK, though.  We dug ourselves a deep hole and I think it's unreasonable to think that it's going to fix itself in one year or even two.  If it does, that's great.  But if we're 1-6 or something, I don't want to hear about how we need a new coach.  The last guy took over a championship team, this guy is taking over a program that was driven into the ditch. 

I mean no disrespect to the guys we do have.  I appreciate them and the effort and for being a part of re-building this program.  There's just not a critical mass of players.

There are other turnaround models than the Urban model.  For example, in his first year at WMU, PJ Fleck was 1-11.  Dave Clawson was 2-10 at BG (2nd season).

So, ok, we are picked last.  We are on a real rebuild.  We have coaches that I believe to date have shown they know what is ahead of them.  But 2019 might be a tough year and on paper that's 100% what you would expect.

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