Thursday, July 25, 2019

It's....a QB

Well, with six days left until the start of Fall camp, BG has found what would appear to be its starting QB.  Just under the wire.

Today had some action.  First, about midway through the day we heard that Bryce Veasley (one of BG's 2 scholarship QBs on the roster) had entered the transfer portal and then later we heard that BG had landed what they needed, an immediately eligible grad transfer QB named Darius Wade.  Now, if I had to guess, I would guess that they happened in the opposite order...that news about Wade hit the locker room and Veasley entered the portal.  Anyway...

You might be asking about Veasley.  He was a 3-star recruit under Jinks.  I think the fact that he has been in the program for two years and wasn't in line to play even with the emergency situation at QB speaks for itself.

Still no news on Matt McDonald.  But, clearly, no one was sure that he was going to be eligible and the NCAA seems to be ratcheting back on the approvals.  His eligibility would still matter, by the way.  Right now, BG has only Wade and Loy and QBs do get injured.  (Remember the end of Jinks' first year?  Kent started Nate Holley at QB and Akron started Tra'Von Chapman, neither a QB).

So, I doubt if any athlete coming to BG will have received a warmer welcome than one Darius Wade.

What do we know about him?

He was a prep all-star in Delaware in HS.  He was Addazio's first QB recruit to BC.  He played 22 games at BC in an up-and-down career.  There's a story out there about him continually making comebacks.  He was very seriously injured in a game against Florida State and seemed to continually yo-yo with Anthony Brown for the starting job.  He grad transferred to Delaware before last season, but did not play due to injuries.  He was able (I am gathering) to use that year as his redshirt because the year of his FSU injury had been a medical redshirt.

He came to BC as a dual-threat QB, but ran only 55 times in those 22 games and that includes sacks.  He completed 55% of his passes, which isn't great.  He had 11.4 yards per completion, which is decent.  He had 5 TDs over 5 INT.

Yeah.  So, some injury history and a decent if not world-beating QB.  Even with that, a huge sigh of relief from the Falcon Nation.  Welcome to the Falcons, Darius.

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Let's hope he is he is taleted