Saturday, April 20, 2019

Spring Roster Review

So, the spring roster is out.  There are a few players who were expected back who are not listed and a few new guys who are in camp, based on the roster.  We're on a transition point between coaches and it's normal to see some turnover, especially as there are attempts made to improve the culture.  I'm told that these players include some players who left the program and some who had medical issues.

We have already written about losing Josh Croslen and Kyle Junior.  Junior grad transferred to Oklahoma State, by way of an update.


Wortham--mentioned just this week as one of only four returning CBs with playing experience who were returning, Wortham will now be added to the departing CBs.  He played as a true FR and then gained a medical redshirt and played 10 games last year.

Marble--was a walk on QB from Warren MI.

Hall--walk-on RB from Jeanette, PA

Judd--a LB who would have been a R-JR.  He played in 11 games last season, with a handful of tackles.

Antwuan Johnson--a LB who was a highly ranked 3-star recruit when he came to BG. Red-shirted last year.

Fitz-Henley--also a highly recruited LB with a lot of offers.  He actually moved to TE for a while last year.

Keije Brown--a walk-on WR who actually played in the UB game to end the year, which I am betting you didn't know.

James Lachey--a recruited TE and son of football announcer.  Played for a BG grad in HS.

So, what's the take away?  Honestly, this is not a surprising turnover. LB was hit hard as a position, but just as importantly, it shows that recruiting rankings are though to judge, as are young people in HS.

There are significant deficiencies on the defensive side of the ball in terms of manpower.  You're basically losing six more guys who would have been considered to be in the pipeline when they got here.

Nick P in The Blade talked about some position changes today.  Evan Brown, from Anthony Wayne and the baseball team, came as a CB and has been moved to LB and is listed as a starter, just to illustrate the manpower issues.  RB CJ Lamar also moved to LB.  Caleb Biggers is now a CB and Sotolongo is back at S.  For other updates, definitely read the article.

There are also five new players on the roster, three of which you have heard about before.

One is Joey Carroll, the St. Francis grad who is listed as starting at TE as a true FR.  Appears to be popular with Loeffler.

Another is Jake Rogers, Medina, who was a PWO and is now listed as the starting KR.

Austin Dorris, a grad transfer from Indiana who is a TE and should contribute.  (Remember: You spell Loeffler T-I-G-H-T-E-N-D.

Najee Freeman, Kissimee--walk on WR from FL who was productive in HS...not too much out there on him.

Corey Frank, is a d-lineman from Cincinnati Reading.  His school did a cool thing.  They had a signing cermony for their top 10 students.  Of which he was one.  Also a walk-on.

So, that's the update.  Remember, we're in a process here.  I do think the offense has a shot to be decent.  They are moving guys around on the o-line and they kept a lot of good players and you have Johnson-Mack coming into the fold after transferring.  Done right, I think we might be able to score a little.

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