Friday, April 12, 2019

Some football info from Spring practice

So Nick from The Blade is doing a nice job on the spring football coverage.  I'm not going to do something every time he writes.  You can read that for yourself.  Only when I'd like to comment or add something.

Today's article is about the lack of CBs on the BG roster.  Marcus Milton, Clint Stephens, and Montre Gregory all graduated and left a pretty thin CB corps for BG.

First, a nit to pick.  The article cites BG as being 6th nationally in passing yards allowed.  Which is true.  However, it's not a great measure, because teams didn't pass as much against BG due to the ease with which they could run against BG.  In fact, BG faced only 262 pass attempts, the lowest BY 18 in the entire FBS.

More accurately, BG was 10th in pass efficiency defense in the MAC.  They were 9th in conference games.  BG was 10th in interception/passing attempt, 9th in yards/completion allowed.  Etc.  I say that just to note that BG lost those guys off a below average pass defense, not a good one.  There's a way to go.

So, BG has four guys on the roster right now with some playing experience.  Only 1 has made a start.

Torrian Hampton
Darius Wortham
Ty Redding
Antonyo Sotolongo (missed entire season).

There's also one R-FR.

Five of the first signing class were d-backs.  They could get action right away.  Obviously, that was a big part of the struggle in Jinks I, but you have to hope that we have the staff to be a little more tactical and protect guys a little more.

There's a big issuer that I feel is important for Falcon fans to know and it can be seen throughout this story.  BG has big holes in the roster.  This is a rebuild.  The program is largely in tatters, especially in critical front-line positions.  Here's what coach says in the article.

“That’s the issue next year, even with recruiting,” Loeffler said. “Normally, you’re sitting [and saying], ‘OK, we’re going to take two offensive linemen, we’re going to take two this.’ We’re taking five D-linemen and five O-linemen, four tight ends. That’s a lot.

"I mean, it goes on and on and on.”
So, just a reminder to have careful expectations for the first year or two.  The roster and the culture are being re-built.  It might be a while before we see the mess cleaned up.  If not, all the better.  The hope is to see progress, in my opinion.  And be prepared for continued patience.

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