Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Coaching News in the Football Program

When Carl Pelini left BG, the assumption was that Associate Head Coach and LB Coach Brian Van Gorder would ascend to the role of DC.  He has been a DC all over the place, including in the NFL.  I kind of assumed he would keep LBs as well, but that's not what happened.

He was named DC.  But Jim Herrmann was named as the LB Coach and Associate Head Coach.  Jim Herrmann may not be a name you know, but to have this guy on our staff is saying something.  He was DC at Michigan for 9 years.  After that, he was an NFL LBs coach for the New York Jets, Giants (Super Bowl Ring) and the Colts.  He coached on highly successful defenses across the board, including at Michigan.

So you'd suspect he might command some respect in our LB room.  Or a recruit's home.  I mean, to have this guy coaching a POSITION at BG??

It's impressive. 

Adding the Associate Head Coach role is also very interesting.  Here's a guy who's been in coaching for 30 years, give or take.  Frankly, if we had hired him to be the head coach, it wouldn't have seemed out of line.  But, our coach, a young, new head coach, has the sense to want this guy by his side.  And this guy wants to be by his side.

I've said it before and I don't want to belabor the point, but the contrast between this approach and the approach of the previous regime cannot be overstated.  Night and day doesn't begin to capture it. 

Success still has to be achieved, but you have to be impressed by the people that Coach Loeffler surrounded himself with.

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